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Business Transactions And Contracts

Business Transactions And ContractsBusiness contracts are pivotal parts of all successful businesses. Whether your business is in the initial start-up phase, growing in size and profits, or preparing to dissolve, there are a number of decisions that could affect your business structure, liability, or interests. The Law Offices of Laura A. Davis endeavor to ensure that all business transactions and commercial contracts protect the business or personal interests of our clients. We are always working to protect the immediate and future needs of your business.

We can assist you with the buying and selling of a business by drafting the necessary documents, agreements and filings for the sale of stock and assets. We can also help with:

  • Business start-ups
  • Corporate organization and formation restructuring
  • LLC and partnership formation
  • Mergers
  • Business purchase and sale agreements
  • Overseeing the escrow process
  • Proper maintenance of corporate entity
  • Commercial leases
  • Business contracts
  • Business succession planning

The Law Offices of Laura A. Davis: Providing a secure foundation for successful and long-term business ventures.

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